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Children’s pirate ship

The function of children’s pirate ship:

practice children’s arm strength and endurance, and cultivate the coordination and mobility of the whole body


  1. It is strictly forbidden to bring sharp objects to play, to prevent accidental injury to others and prevent surface scratches
  2. It is prohibited to climb equipment or jump directly to the ground
  3. It is not allowed to sit on the edge of the device
  4. Children’s pirate ship cannot be played by more than two people at the same time
  5. This device is only suitable for children 3-8 years old (under 130 cm) (children under 3 years old, please parents take care of them)

Product Maintenance:

  1. Clean up debris on the blower filter regularly
  2. Wipe the surface of the product regularly to keep it tidy
  3. The pirate ship does not shake, check whether the motor is running, the motor needs to be repaired (replaced)
  4. Regularly check whether the line is normally energized

Post time: 2020-07-31