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Notes For Indoor Playground

Notes for indoor playground:

  1. Follow the instructions for indoor playground. Before entering the indoor playground, shoes should be taken off in the shoe cabinet and carry-on items should be put in the locker to maintain the hygiene and safety in the indoor playground.


  1. In the overall design of indoor playground products, there should be no sharp objects, hard objects and other things that are likely to harm children in the places where they can be seen and touched. If there is a sharp object in an individual place, stay away from the area and inform the operator.


  1. Indoor playgrounds are generally for children aged 2-12 years old .Under 6 years old, who should be accompanied by guardians. Parents are not allowed to bring anything into the indoor playground to avoid scratches during the game.


  1. When the child enters the indoor playground, the guardian should do a good job of safety education and remind the child not to chase in the facility.


  1. The protective net outside the indoor playground only plays a protective role. Climbing and pulling are prohibited.


  1. Do not damage the amusement facilities. Do not open the back cover, seat cover, touch the power supply and circuit. Otherwise, the consequences.


  1. Children who are not feeling well are not allowed to play in the indoor playground, such as heart problems.


Post time: 2020-08-13