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High Hip-Hop Amusement Equipment

yixunpan was established in 2014. The original intention was to solve the technical service and multi-channel promotion problems of foreign trade companies in Guangzhou, Foshan, Dongguan, and Shenzhen that only guarantee keyword rankings but not guarantee the results of the inquiry.

Notes For Indoor Playground

Notes for indoor playground: Follow the instructions for indoor playground. Before entering the indoor playground,

Kids Indoor Playground Project Presentation

Kids indoor playground is designed according to the characteristics of children, through scientific three-dimensional c…

Sierpniowa wystawa na placu zabaw w Kantonie

W sierpniu 3, 2020, 2020Azja rozrywki &Atrakcje Expo odbyły się w Kantonie. Guangzhou High Hip-Hop Amusement Equ…

Children’s pirate ship

The function of children's pirate ship: practice children's arm strength and endurance, and cultivate the coordinati…

  • Rynek

    10 years market operaion experience,naukowe metody zarządzania,innowacyjne pomysły.

  • Produkt

    Strong R&D team,developed hundreds of new children's amusement equipment,Unikalny projekt twórczy.

  • Jakość

    Our indoor playground are 100% bezpieczny,healthy,hygiene,we got CE certificate.

  • Cena £

    Large modren factory,lowest cost,nie firma handlowa.

  • Benifit

    Small investment for once,but it brings long-term benifits.

  • Usługa

    Znakomita obsługa,dojrzałe doświadczenie w pracy na rynku,design freely and fast two weeks delivery.

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